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Xiangshan Lianqiang Automobile Mould Co., Ltd.

We are specialized in the production of high-difficulty,complex casting mold company.
Xiangshan Lianqiang Automobile Mould Co., Ltd. is famous China Automotive Gravity Die Casting Molds Manufacturers and Low pressure casting mold suppliers, with major automobile manufacture and engine manufacturing enterprises in China and success for the FAW, Tianjin xiali, Jiangxi Isuzu, Beiqi Foton, Shandong haoxin, Guangzhou Honda, Wu Han Wescast, Hungary Wescast, Suzhou CMS , Tianjin CMS, XCMG group companies such as Cylinder block, cylinder head, exhaust manifold, steering knuckle arm, camshaft, crankshaft, turbine spiral case, such as complex and difficult mold, widely used in small cars, trucks, engineering vehicles, ships, valves, pumps and other industries, the factory of the custom Low pressure casting mold have been the user's consistent high praise!


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Industry knowledge about Die Casting Molds

Gravity casting is a process in which molten metal is poured into a mold and allowed to solidify under the influence of gravity. The mold is typically made of refractory material, such as sand, plaster, or ceramic, and it is shaped to produce a part with the desired shape and dimensions.
In gravity casting, the mold is typically positioned horizontally, and the molten metal is poured into it from above. The metal flows into the mold and fills it, taking on the shape of the mold as it solidifies. The mold is then cooled, and the solidified metal part is removed.
Gravity casting is a simple and economical process that is well suited for producing large, complex parts with a high degree of accuracy and surface finish. It is often used for casting parts such as engine blocks, cylinder heads, and gearboxes.
The mold used in gravity casting is an important tool in the manufacturing process, as it determines the shape and dimensions of the finished part. Molds can be made using a variety of materials and techniques, depending on the specific requirements of the part and the casting process.